FAWN Chamber Creative is a Toronto-based collective dedicated to expanding the audience for Canadian classical music, with an emphasis on bringing new opera and new multi-disciplinary works to the stage. FAWN’s principal focus is the commissioning and presentation of new chamber music and operas by Canadian composers. In its productions, FAWN seeks to incorporate the work of artists in other fields, with the goal of bridging the gap between historically siloed audiences. By pairing new music with interdisciplinary productions, FAWN reaches new audiences who are artistically inclined but may not have a pre-existing connection to new classical music.



FAWN’s collaborative concert series serves as a bridge to connect artistic communities and their audiences.  We work with emerging Canadian composers and artists from different disciplines to create performances that highlight the work of each industry.  Together, we form a unified experience for the audience that is both intensely stimulating and transformative.

Each Synesthesia uses a chosen theme that is connected to an upcoming FAWN Opera. This linked style in programming allows us to extend the intrigue from our Synesthesia concert to a new opera that we commission from an emerging Canadian composer.

FAWN Opera

FAWN commissions new operas by emerging Canadian composers, so to promote the freshest minds in the industry. We provide the composers with thematic guidelines that will connect their work with a specific Synesthesia concert and encourage exploration within them. Audiences are invited to FAWN Operas workshops and fully-produced performances.


FAWN has a particular interest in exploring art music with non-classical music artists. Cross-genre performances are another way we reach out to other communities and introduce new audiences to the exciting potential of today’s classical music.

FAWN Evolutions

FAWN is of the mindset that history informs progress. In order for new audiences to develop a greater appreciation for new classical music and empower them with an understanding of the genre, we choose to also also present the work of influential 20th century composers who have helped to contribute to the styles of emerging Canadian composers. Many of these works are rarely produced in Toronto, so we program these works because we believe it is important to provide our audience with the opportunity to learn more about the life path of new classical music.