Synesthesia I

Liz Emirzian

Liz Emirzian










FAWN Involvement: Collaborating Artist in Synesthesia I (March, 2012)

About Liz:
” I am an Illustrator currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. I have a Bachelors Degree in Illustration at Ontario College of Art and Design. I am a member of The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, and have taught at The Gilda’s Club Toronto, Cancer support for patients and families. I am available for commissions, gallery shows, and illustrations.

Common themes and subject matter are nature, animals, people and combinations of everything and anything. I create scenarios that involve varying ranges of beauty or absurdity. I prefer to communicate my ideas through symbolism, body language, surrealism, movement, and expression. I have experimented with sculpting, life casts, making jewelry, jewelry boxes, collages, textiles, painting (in watercolor, acrylic, and oils), using detailed pen work, using charcoal, and digital.

I enjoy participating in many fields of art and creativity, and I have experience in curating, set design, teaching painting and decorated journal making, doing illustrations for newspapers, magazines, and children’s books, etc. I enjoy collaborative projects, and sharing my passion for art with others.”

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About Liz’s work in Synesthesia I:
“The pieces in the show that I am doing represent the dreamer inside the dream, who is being presented with imagery filled with ambiguity and beauty, subtle hints at things that could be, but in real life never would be. I am presenting the questionable that the dreamer does not question, but an acceptance that a dreamer feels. These images are captured in sculptural pieces, feeling more real-life than dream like in their realistic quality and size, but offer a glimpse into the strange world that dreams offer, the strangeness and the beauty.”

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Benjamin Edward

ben birch













FAWN Involvement: Collaborating Artist in Synesthesia I (March, 2012)

About Benjamin:
Benjamin is a graphic designer by trade, but an artist by passion. Initially, he started his education in fine art, but over the years was drawn to graphic design because of his interest in technology and human behaviour.

Through practice, Benjamin has found ways to incorporate his education and his passions into all of his work. He has honed his skills and learned to trust his instincts and let the creation happen naturally. Some of Benjamin’s best successes have happened because of his biggest mistakes. When asked why he decided to become an artist, his response was, “Sometimes I question why I chose to become a designer and artist, then I remember I didn’t. Design happens on a daily basis without even trying, I chose to do what comes naturally.”

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About Benjamin’s work in Synesthesia I:
Dreams are a series of thoughts, images and sensations a person experiences during sleep. While dreaming, a person is unaware of their immediate surroundings and has little to no inhibitions. This state of relaxation causes humans to experience their wildest fantasies and delve into issues they may find hard to face in the waking life. “Under the Sheets” explores these ideas and what some common dream themes may look like to a bystander.

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Matt Prata

Matt Prata
















FAWN Involvement: 

– Collaborating Artist in Synesthesia I (March, 2012)
– Collaborating Artist in Sonic-Art Gallery (September, 2012)

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About Matt’s work in Synesthesia I:
The act of remembering dreams is always an imperfect one. To grasp anything in its entirety is rare, but often we awake with fragments that are so vivid and intense that they seem more real than waking life. They are often strange and fantastical things, but they can also be normal aspects of our reality that have been stretched and exaggerated by our ‘dream logic.’

Prata’s work hopes to capture and illuminate these dream moments, bright and spellbinding but at the same time fragile and ethereal. These objects are elevated, suspended to mimic the way in a dream things can float free of normal constraints and boundaries. ‘Dream logic’ is self-evident and self-supporting even if it isn’t endemic. What happens in a dream can always be justified by its own rules, even if those rules have no translation to reality.

Prata’s work for this exhibition is separated into three categories:

Miniature Marvels – Enclosed worlds which represent the bizarre and yet self-supporting scenes which dreams provide us with. These are mostly natural scenes with figures placed within their own complete and yet entirely fantastical environments.

Lighted Leaves – These pieces take mundane items such as petals and leaves and transform them into dreamlike creations to express the concept of how our subconscious can alter our perceptions and make the everyday feel strange.

Fantasy Fragments – Smaller in size to the other pieces, these objects are encapsulations of broken or fragmentary objects that represent the partial memories we’re left within upon waking.

See pictures of Matt’s work with FAWN here!