Cryptomnesia by David Foley

FAWN Involvement:

– Featured a preview of Cryptomnesia in Synesthesia I(AUG, 2012)
– Composer of FAWN Opera’s first full production, Cryptonmesia (JAN, 2013)

About David:

David Foley is a current student in the Masters of Music in Composition program at the University of Victoria, where he is studying under Christopher Butterfield and John Celona. In 2012, he graduated from the Honours Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Music: Composition program at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he studied under Linda Catlin Smith. During his time at Laurier, David also took lessons from Peter Hatch and studied electroacoustic composition under Richard Windeyer.  At Laurier, he has been awarded numerous scholarships for his achievements in music, including the Evelyn Mae McLaughlin Memorial Award in Composition and the Cynthia Johnston Award. David was the 2011/2012 President of the Laurier Composers and Improvisers Association, a group of Composition students involved in producing concerts as well as other related activities.

David has had his works performed at the��Norman Felix Art Gallery in Toronto, The Museum in Kitchener, and the KW Chamber Music Society Music Room in Waterloo. In November 2011, David’s first opera, ‘May 23′, was produced by Opera Laurier in association with Tapestry New Opera as part of a showcase for modern Canadian chamber opera. The show included works by Jeffrey Ryan and Glenn James. In preparation for the show, David participated in additional creative consultations with Wayne Strongman, Director of Tapestry New Opera. In January 2013, FAWN New Opera showcased the premiere of David’s second opera, Cryptomnesia, at the Norman Felix Art Gallery in Toronto.

David also studied classical guitar at Wilfrid Laurier University under Terry McKenna and has performed numerous concerts at the Keffer Memorial Chapel, as well as the Stratford Festival. He continues to perform as a classical guitarist.

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